LUSHOTO DISTRICT is situated in the northern part of Tanga Region within 4o 25’ – 4o 55’ latitude south of Equator and 30o 10’ – 38o 35’ Longitude East of Greenwich. It borders with The Republic of Kenya in the northeast, Same District of Kilimanjaro Region in the northwest, Korogwe District in the south and Mkinga District together with Muheza District bordered at further east. The District has an area of 3,500 km2 (346,600 Ha.) and accounts for about 12.8 percent of Tanga Region. ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM Administratively, Lushoto District has two councils namely Lushoto District Council and Bumbuli District Council. Previously it was Lushoto District Council only from 23rd December 1983 until 23rd December 2012 after establishment of Bumbuli District Council within Lushoto District. The District has 8 divisions, 44 wards with a total number of 207 villages and 1,669 hamlets. The district headquarters is allocated at Lushoto town and there are 2 other urban centers, Soni and Mlalo. Also district has three constituencies of Bumbuli, Lushoto and mlalo. COUNCIL VISION STATEMENT. Society with access to improved and sustainable social – economic services by year 2015 Council Mission Statement To provide better social – economic services through utilization of available resources and ensuring good governance